New analyses of ceramic finds from the site of Vetricella

The study of ceramic finds discovered at the site of Vetricella continues following the traditional recording of the material accompanied by more complex analysis. A number of samples of purified and semi-purified achromous ceramics, attributable to containers employed for storage or tableware, were selected, prepared and sent to Dr. Alessandra Pecci, Investigador Ramon y Cajal, Equip de Recerca Arqueològica i Arqueomètrica at the University of Barcelona (ERAAUB), specialized in the chemical study of ceramics and floor surfaces aimed at understanding… Continue reading

The study of ceramic finds from vetricella site

The several ceramic finds retrieved at the  Vetricella site during the excavation campaign of 2017 are now stored in the pottery lab of DSSBC and are under investigation of the nEU-Med project’s team (University of Siena). The finds were  preliminary inventoried, with the total count of the individual fragments and their subdivision into a various ceramic classes, according to the recognised diagnostic parts. Subsequently the objects will be catalogued, providing the description of the ceramic bodies, surfaces, decoration, treatments and… Continue reading

Analysis of the archaeological findings from old and new surveys in Carlappiano

Between January and March the findings from the surveys at Carlappiano were studied following some established procedures:
-Cleansing of the finds
-Marking with the excavation data on every single ceramic fragment
-Quantity inventory with subdivision into different ceramics classes
-Cataloging into a database of every single ceramic fragment Continue reading