Micromorphological analisys of the intermediate ditch backfill

The micromorphological analysis of undisturbed sediment samples from the intermediate ditch backfill of the archaeological site of Vetricella, collected during the last excavation campaign, has begun. The thin sections will be analyzed through the use of the petrographic microscope with transmitted light, provided by the Laboratory of Geoarchaeology at the Department of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment – University of Siena (Fig.1-2). The results obtained will be subsequently associated with the geoarchaeological analyses already carried out and presented during this… Continue reading

Geomorphological and archaeobotanical survey at Castiglion Bernardi and along the Corniaccia torrent

Wednesday October 4th members of the nEU-Med Team went on a geomorphological and archaeobotanic survey on the agricultural terracing of Castiglion Bernardi (Monterotondo Marittimo,GR) (Fig.1). With the aim to individuate the typologies of the different soils and the stratification of the terracing. Core samples will be taken to better understand if the formation of the terraces is natural or if these have been created ex-novo (Fig.2).               Friday October 13th the levels behind the… Continue reading

Geomorphological analysis on Pecora valley

Geomorphological and geoarchaeological analysis along the Valley of river Pecora and river Ferriere currently ongoing, being part of the PhD project “Geoarchaeology of Medieval Landscape between the Colline Metallifere and the Tyrrhenian Sea (ERC nEU-Med Project)”. Field survey and Remote Sensing analysis (LIDAR, multi-temporal images) are now focused in the  area between the archaeological site of Vetricella (Scarlino) and Massa Marittima (Fig.1). Sedimentological and geomorphological data collected so far show an abrupt change in the landscape during the time span… Continue reading