Chemical analyses on sediments of coring samplings carried out in Val di Pecora and Val di Cornia

The Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy (University of Siena) are currently performing chemical analyses on the sediments of the coring samplings extracted in July and October 2018 in the flood plains of the Cornia and Pecora river. The multidisciplinary study of the sediments of these cores, considered as precious natural historical archives of paleoenvironmental information, has as its main objective the recreation of the natural history of these two territories in the last 3000 years. The chemical analyses concerns… Continue reading

The on-site pXRF analysis at Vetricella site

At the excavations of Vetricella (Scarlino) and Carlappiano (Piombino) on-site pXRF analysis is used for the chemical characterization of the soil, structures and archaeological finds. In this case the main goal of this technique is his descriptive and predictive power. In a specific area of the Vetricella site a sampling grid was applied (Fig.1). Data were collected using a pre-determinated grid frame of 1mq areal elements. Inside each areal element the concentration of the chemical species was given by the… Continue reading

Preliminary chemical survey: XRF analysis at the site of Carlappiano

Preliminary on-site chemical survey was performed together with the magnetometric investigation inside and outside an anomaly previously observed from aerial images (fig.1-2).
The main goal of this analysis is to detect the presence of a geochemical anomaly to identify potential archaeometallurgical processing areas. The second purpose is to compare chemical and magnetometric results for evaluating possible correlations.. Continue reading