New datas from the written sources

The study of the written sources concerning the areas investigated by the nEU-Med project is moving forward with a close analysis of the charters preserved in the State Archive of Siena and, more specifically, in the archival collections: Bichi Borghesi, Città di Massa and  S. Agostino. These three collections host the charters of three important abbeys, which had great interests in coastal and inner Maremma, among the rivers Cornia, Pecora and Bruna. They are the imperial abbeys of S. Antimo… Continue reading

New results from the systematic studies of the early medieval parchments

The systematic study of the early medieval parchments preserved in Lucca Diocesan Historical Archive has allowed the reconstruction of an overall image of land set-ups and power structures in the valleys of the Cornia and Pecora rivers between the 8th and 10th centuries. A fair number of charters produced and/or preserved by the Lucchese bishopric concern, in fact, plots of land located in these areas that were the object of donation, sale, lease. First of all, the charters highlight some… Continue reading

The study of early medieval sources: Lucca’s Diocesan Historical Archive

In order to study the early medieval sources about the areas investigated by the nEU-Med project it is necessary to go to one of the richest and most valuable documentary collections in the world: Lucca’s Diocesan Historical Archive (Fig.1), inserted since 2011 in the Unesco Memory of the World Register. The archive has not known any big damage or transfers: it has always been in the Lucchese episcopal palace. It maintains roughly 1800 charts for the period prior to 1000… Continue reading