Archeology of public goods. At the origins of economic growth in a Mediterranean region (IX-XI centuries)

Giovanna Bianchi Download eBook     Over forty years of research in the Tuscan Maremma, one of the best archeologically investigated territories in Europe; an ERC-Advanced project, nEU-Med, which made it possible to re-read old data and produce new ones thanks to intense multidisciplinary research; a theme, public goods, in recent years at the center of the interest of the historians of documentary sources, here declined through the material data. These are the starting points of the volume, in which… Continue reading

La ceramica a vetrina sparsa nella Toscana altomedievale – produzione, cronologia e distribuzione

Arianna Briano Download eBook     The sparse glazed pottery is a single-fired glazed ceramic class which has not been studied in Tuscany due to the general lack of archaeological finds. The volume presents the “case study” of the castle of Donoratico (LI), which has returned a truly exceptional quantity of sparse glazed ceramics. In addition to the study of this context, it has been analysed also the sparse glazed ware from other Tuscan sites located in the area investigated… Continue reading

Alum landscapes. Archaeology of production and network economy

Luisa Dallai (edited by), Giovanna Bianchi (edited by),        Francesca Romana Stasolla (edited by)  Download eBook     Alum is an extremely versatile and precious raw material, used since classical times in alchemy, pharmacy, leather tanning and in various fields of metallurgy. Since the Middle Ages, the best known use of alum obtained from the processing of alunite has been linked to dyeing; it is in fact an excellent mordant, and even today, artisan dyestuffs make extensive use of it.… Continue reading

The nEU-Med project: Vetricella, an Early Medieval royal property on Tuscany’s Mediterranean

            Giovanna Bianchi (edited by), Richard Hodges (edited by)      Download eBook           This volume presents the multi-disciplinary research focussed upon the key site of the project, Vetricella, and its territory. Vetricella is thought to be the site of Valli, a royal property in the Tuscan march. It is the only Early Medieval property to be extensively studied in Italy. Located on Italy’s Tyrrhenian coast, the archaeology and history of this site provide… Continue reading

Origins of a new economic union (7th-12th centuries). Preliminary results of the nEU-Med project: October 2015-March 2017

Giovanna Bianchi (edited by), Richard Hodges (edited by) Download eBook               This volume brings together the research presented at the first nEU-Med workshop, held in Siena on 11-12 April, 2017. The aim of the workshop was to draw up an initial survey of research and related work on the project, one and a half years after its inception. The project is composed of several research units. Each unit covers an aspect of the interdisciplinary… Continue reading

A Monastery by the Sea. Archaeological research at San Quirico di Populonia (Piombino,LI)

    (Edited by); Giovanna Bianchi, Sauro Gelichi Download eBook           The remains of the monastery of San Quirico stand on the slopes of Poggio Tondo, a hill not far from the ancient city of Populonia. They overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea, dotted with the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Field research at this site, carried out in the first decade of the new millennium by two different teams, from Siena University and Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University,… Continue reading