6th-8th October 2016: colloque

Colloque: Les métaux précieux en Mediterranée médievale. Exploitations, transformations, circulations/Precious metals in the medieval Mediterranean. Mining, processing, circulations, Maiosn Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’homme, Université Aix-en-Provence: Giovanna Bianchi, Luisa Dallai; The Colline Metallifferemining district (Tuscany, Italy) in Medieval time: resource exploitation and political-economic trends. Alessandro Donati, Vanessa Volpi, Luisa Dallai; The use of high-throughput, pXRF, for the study of the Colline Metallifere mining district (Tuscany, Italy).  Marco Benvenuti, Cristina Cicali, Alessia Rovelli; Silver, copper and lead smelting in the Colline… Continue reading