The activities of the nEU-Med project presented to the students of the Master’s Degree course in Archaeology

During the presentation of the the Master’s Degree course in archaeology (University of Siena) at the Palazzo San Galgano (Siena), were presented through two posters, the scientific activities of the European ERC nEU-Med project:   the archaeological excavation of the site of Vetricella (Scarlino,GR) multidisciplinary surveys for the study of the historical landscape of medieval Tuscany       Continue reading

The nEU-Med project on ARCHEO 2019

In the issue of April 2019 of the magazine “ARCHEO” , you can find the article dedicated to the ERC nEU-Med project, which, thanks to multidisciplinary connotation and focus on southern Tuscany, aims at the reacting the significant economic changes occurred in the first centuries of the Middle Ages.   DOWNLOAD THE PDF ARTICLE Continue reading

BRIGHT 2019 “la notte dei ricercatori in Toscana”

On the 27th and 28th of September 2019 the Bright ” la notte dei ricercatori in Toscana”will take place. The ERC nEU-Med project team will be present on Saturday September 28th at Colle di Val d’Elsa (SI), Piazza dell’Unità-Teatro del Popolo, from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm, holding a thematic table and educational workshop on ancient coin analysis and study: “Monete del passato, tecniche del futuro” G.Bianchi, L. Dallai, V. Volpi, G.Poggi, C.Cicali (University of Siena) DOWNLOAD THE FULL PROGRAM Continue reading


From 2 to 13 September 2019, the students from Sesto Properzio High School (Assisi-PG) visited the archaeological site of Vetricella (Scarlino, GR). After a detailed history and explanation of the medieval site’s main characteristics provided by the excavation coordinator (Fig.1), students were shown the principles and practices used during fieldwork activities. This was followed by guided simulations in the form of archaeological documentation (Fig.2-3). A number of guided tours to the area’s main archaeological museums were also carried out over… Continue reading


For the Notti dell’Archeologia 2019, events related to the activities carried out within the ERC nEU-Med project will be held at Scarlino (GR) every Friday throughout the month of July: “Leggere il passato attraverso l’archeologia e le scienze applicate”   The programme may be subject to change. info: 056638023 / General Program of the Regione Toscana Continue reading

Amico Museo: 11 may 2019

On Saturday 11th May at 5.oo pm, the event Amico Museo, promoted by Regione Toscana, will be host at the Sala Consiliare of Scarlino with the title: “Il futuro del Centro di Documentazione Riccardo Francovich – un nuovo viaggio nei paesaggi antichi e medievali”. Speakers: Prof. Giovanna Bianchi, Dr. Lorenzo Marasco and Arch. Giuseppe Bartolini and Simonetta Fiamminghi Continue reading

nEU-Med day in Maremma: a first report

On october 31st the first nEU-Med day in Maremma took place. It was an event of great importance for the project, aimed at presenting to the public the data collected in the first three years of research. Unfortunately the bad weather did not allow the visit to the site of Vetricella scheduled in the morning programme, but this did not prevent the continuation of other activities that took place in the municipal building of Scarlino, in whose territory the key… Continue reading

Bright 2018: “la notte dei ricercatori in toscana”

A duble date for the nEU-Med project at BRIGHT 2018, initiative promoted by European Commission to disseminate scientific culture and knowledge of research professions. Thusday, September 27, “waiting for Bright” at 4.00 p.m in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Piazza dell’Unità-Teatro del Popolo: “L’archeologia moderna: tecniche del futuro per studiare il passato”, by Prof. Giovanna Bianchi (Unisi) in collaboration with QUANTANALITICA srl. The use of XRF and photogrammetry applied to excavation contexts and archaeological finds Friday, September 28, “Bright 2018” at… Continue reading