Laser scanner survey campaign at the site of Cugnano

During the second week of October 2018 the laser scanner survey campaign took place at the archaeological site of Cugnano, aimed at documenting the architectural features of the area (Fig.1-2).

The survey, coordinated by Andrea Arrighetti with the support of Marco Repole and Tommaso Francucci, has performed more than seventy scans for the creation of poligonal supports in order to provide a complete point cloud of the entire archaeological site.

The survey will provide a new and detailed planimetry of the site and a series of architectural and environmental sections in which the archaeological analysis will be reported.


A new digital photogrammetric campaign is planned in February, aimed at integrating the data obtained from the previous laser scanner survey (Fig.3). Photogrammetry will be carried out both by drone and by close-range photography from the ground to tranfer color information from these models to the higher resolution models produced by laser scanner.

(Fig.3) Detail of a point cloud from the laser scanner survey

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